Who is this woman? And why won’t she stop talking to me?


Christine here.
I am the youngest child in a large ginger family (there are 5 of us, almost the Weasleys). I am now a grown up (if 32 counts) with a husband and 3 children.

Here is a small and incomplete list of things that I love.
– People (I really can’t get enough of people)
– Talking (to the aforementioned people)
– Music (so many different genres that I am afraid I’ll miss some out if I list them. It’s varied o.k?)
– Being in the middle (of a hug, a group of people on a dark and scary night in a scary maze so I’m nowhere near the edges because that would mean becoming a foetal ball of terror, the thing that’s going on, the conversation, where all the people are)
– Creativity and diversity (seeing people express themselves in the way that comes naturally to them, in so many varied forms, not just the usual ‘art and music’- although I love them too, cultural differences)
– Baking (I love to bake by myself, to give baking away, to eat it, to try new things, sometimes I like to bake with my children – but most of the time I just do it because I know it’s a good learning experience for them, I prefer to bake alone – I’m not sure why)


  • hello, i read your last few posts after finding you had mentioned my blog – loved the entertaining writing and SUPER keen on getting my kid into your dangerous stuff too…. once she has more control over her legs that is. keep up the good work. also….where do you live? it looks beautious! x

    • Woo! A comment that is not spam! Thanks, we live in Ohope Beach these days, it’s a wonderful place to live. Come visit!